Benefits of water and creative water waterfall ideas

Did you know that there is a drink that can be a panacea to pregnancy, old age, addicts, infectious patients, and so on? Increases ability to make decisions and set goals
• Helps prevent memory loss in old age Reduces the risk of Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's and Lou Gehring diseases
• Helps relieve dependence on caffeine, alcohol and certain drugs
• It is essential to strengthen the immune system in areas where infection and cancer cells develop in the body
• Dilutes blood and prevents clotting during circulation. Relieves premenstrual pain and fever in women
• Dilutes and ripples blood with heartbeat to prevent solids in circulation from settling down • There is no water reservoir in the human body that can be used during dehydration. Therefore, we need to drink water regularly throughout the day
• Help relieve stress, tension and depression
• Regulate sleep. Helps relieve fatigue and gives us the energy of youth
• Softens skin and helps reduce signs of aging
• Gives vitality and radiance to eyes It helps protect us from glaucoma. It regulates blood production systems in bone marrow and helps prevent leukemia and lymphoma formation
• Resolves attention deficit problem in children and adults. Increases working efficiency and increases attention span. Water can be found more easily than any other beverage in the world and has no side effects
• It gives us power and electrical energy for all brain functions, especially for thinking. It is indispensable for the production of serotonin and other neurotransmitters. It is necessary for the production of all hormones produced in the brain, including melatonin • It collects toxic waste from various parts of the body and transports it to the liver or kidneys for disposal. It is the main lubricant in the joint cavities and helps to prevent arthritis and back pain. It converts the spine discs into 'shock absorbing water pads' • Dehydration interferes with the production of the sex hormone, which is one of the main causes of impotence and loss of libido
• You can distinguish between thirst and hunger when you drink water
• The best way to lose weight is to drink water. At regular intervals for water and without a strict regime to lose weight. When you get hungry, you should not eat too much, but drink your water when you are thirsty
• Dehydration causes toxic deposits in the tissue cavities, joints, kidneys, liver, brain and skin. Water cleans them.


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