Fields that Real-estate Billing Software Meet

Fields that Real-estate Billing Software Meet

Real-estate Billing Software

Real estate billing software is a simple tool that handles all billing and recording details for your rental properties. This software collects tenant data directly from the corresponding equipment and automatically generates invoices based on the specified fees. Apart from the accounting, the lease details and other object-related information are also maintained. The monthly rentals and other costs are automatically included in the bills.

How can you manage your billing system?

With the start and end dates of the billing period, you receive an invoice and a print job for each customer. You can also use the Print details option, which displays the date and time each load was turned on or off. After you have set the cost per hour for each invoice created by the application, you can enter the cost per hour. You can easily change the cost per hour at any time.

Which real estate billing software works?

This software supports invoices, fees, taxes and receipts for numerous rental properties.

You can manage real estate information, tenant information, lease information and owner information, and store all the relevant information in a database.
You can put together receipts and credits for each type of property and keep them in a file.
After completion of each billing, the bills are automatically created and you will receive the invoice for printing.
This software also allows multiple reports.
You can run heavy state or federal taxes.
Real estate photos can be kept under each property.
Records about tenant subscriptions and their history, even if they move in and out.

This software automates the invoice processing of your real estate business, increasing the efficiency and speed of invoice processing and enabling faster financial calculations. So you can reduce the costs of billing enormously.

Thanks to the integrated order form, you can keep your order forms with their own products, packages and configurations. You can also create the order form in your own way or adapt an existing form to your wishes.
As soon as orders are received, they will automatically be processed as you have configured.

For frequent billing, you can use this software to create subscriptions. By entering the customer’s billing information, billing amount, and a specific billing interval and duration, you can easily generate the following recurring transactions.

With the fraud detection option you can protect your account. Because it uses powerful transaction filters and IP address modules to detect and prevent suspicious transactions, you can count on it. To meet the needs of your real estate business, you can also customize the transaction filters.

For example, the Customer Control Panel lets you give your customers the option to sign up and view their orders, pay bills online, and execute new orders.

This software accelerates your performance with updated design and customizable reports and instructions. You can print a report on the working hours of a particular project between two dates, differentiate between the amount your customers owe you and the one you owe to your suppliers, and get a general view of your cash flows. For easy e-mailing, invoices and reports can also be saved as PDF files.

Therefore, use real estate billing software and manage your time, expenses, materials and projects based on the client.

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