How to use Hotel property management software

How to use Hotel property management software

Hotel owners are always in need of a suitable tool to monitor hotel guests and groups in a timely and accurate manner and to provide services. The hotel property management software does the work for you. Manage your reservations, deposits, check-ins, check-outs, guest documents, centralized billing, sales and audit reports, budget, maintenance, etc. This software provides a flexible, affordable and reliable solution for the reception, room and guest rooms. Management the elements that are included in the hotel property management.

With hotel hotel management software, you can easily enter hotel information in one place. Integrated point-of-sale systems allow you to add POS transactions, back-office functions and guest management functions in a unified system. Duplicate bookings or data overwriting by certain users will no longer be done because this software maintains a suitable logging system. which also securely stores your hotel real estate records.

Hotel property management software makes day-to-day operations very flexible for hoteliers, as it can be set up with simple hotel features and introduces all the customizations users need. This system is very effective, especially if you want to change your settings at an appropriate time. In this way, you can offer a better service depending on the customer.

The management of rooms is very important in the hotel business, as the satisfaction of your guests depends on it. Hotel Property Management software can be of great help with this issue as this software will help you manage the name / number of the room, bed type (twin, double, triple, campsite), private or shared bathroom and photos for the outside helps and interior captures information based on male / female / co-ed etc.

Keeping administrative work to perfection is also a sign of how you work with your hotel business. The hotel property management system is the right tool to manage this section. With this software, you can create room categories and features, record store inventories, set taxes / rates, fill in payment, set room and season costs, flag seasonal data for several years, set different sharing status, and more.

While you set prices for the rooms, you can consider existing room types: seasonal, extra bed etc. To define seasonal rooms, set different seasonal dates, names, start dates and end dates each year. To pay you can catalog forms with cash, check, credit visa and so on.

Control your taxes regardless of your location. With this software, you can create and assign local taxes based on the type of sale. For example, occupancy tax for rooms and sales tax for POS purchases is very simple.

For the o

peration at the reception, hotel owners can log in and access all functions of the daily reception, including spa and group management. With this module you will always be informed about the needs of your guests.
If you have a disabled employee, you can add and edit accounts / shares and restrict access to system functionality by user credentials.

With this software you can set up an interactive visual matrix of all rooms. You can categorize the hotel services based on – Available / Reserved / Checked In / Checked Out / Blocked. The Hotel Detail View option allows the user to access information about: guest information, reservation details, and new reservation assignment.

To enter the information of a new guest, you can use the following information: name, address, credit card (s), attribute attributes, etc. To create a reservation, you can use this software to assign a guest to a specific room and set a continuous period. Directions for arrival (car, bus, taxi, etc.) and check-in card for guests.

For reporting purposes, you can print check-in cards for all / selected guests for a specific date or for guests who wish to arrive or depart for the actual date. With these records you can assess your current performance, what’s missing and how you can improve your services in the future.

So small, medium or large, no matter how big your hotel is, use this amazing software for hotel management and meet all the demands you place on hotel real estate.

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