Open Source Business Intelliegence In Touht Times

Open Source Business Intelliegence In Touht Times

Strong times have always triggered sudden growth spurts of open source software. The last time it happened shortly after the dot com bust. This was the time when many open source software like Linux and Java got a sudden boost!

The same could happen with Open Source Business Intelligence! This is especially true for subscription-based open source BI and companies that were about to complete their basic IT projects and automate functions that needed to be automated.

With basic functional software such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) or CRM systems in place to automate day-to-day operations, companies have the budgets and time that Business Intelligence solutions have available. With the big problems of banking, financial services and insurance services (BFSI) with many uncertainties about the global economy, many companies can move into the open source BI waters.

Of course, open source software is by no means free, as it always costs money to support and maintain the BI effort. With the recent slowdown in Sun Microsystems’ performance and announcements of layoffs, I wonder where to buy MySql open source products. Are there any cuts in MySQL support in your business model? What would that mean for MySQL-based open source BI solutions?

If anything, touch times are actually good for companies to experiment with new technologies, especially when it comes to open source, and it does not cost too much to get things started!

It will be interesting to see if this is true and sets Open Source BI apart for the global economy during these contact times!

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